» New NFT Projects On the Rise with Strong Value Potential

New NFT Projects On the Rise with Strong Value Potential

By Ruchi Gupta
— October 6, 2022


Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) remain the center of attention amid the implosion in the cryptocurrency sector. Over the past year, the growth in the industry has seen the emergence of new exciting projects, providing unique investment opportunities. Even though NFTs are still in the early stages of development, they are seeing significant buzz, with collectors willing to pay a premium for some of the top NFT projects. 

The best NFT projects come backed by a massive community on some big media platforms, including Twitter, Discord, and other social media platforms. The projects also come with exciting road maps affirming long-term prospects. 

These projects are available on some of the biggest NFT platforms, including OpenSea and Rarible. Additionally, the best NFT projects begin with a low value that balloons amid strong interest from people. Projects tailored around games and music are some of the best, with excellent value potential.

While cutting through the digital clutter can be challenging, we have compiled a list of some of the best new NFT projects poised to enjoy tremendous growth and generate significant value.


Tamadoge stands out as one of the best NFT projects on the rise after raising $19 million in under two months. The high investor interest in the project stems from the project’s unique use case around play-to-earn (P2E) mechanics and metaverse integration which are some of the fastest growing segments in the virtual world. 

Unlike meme coins, Tamadoge has a proven utility with metaverse and play-to-earn integrations. It also features Tamadoge pet NFTs that provide users access to various P2E games in the Tamadoge metaverse dubbed Tamaverse. The game revolves around breeding, training, and battling Tamadoge NFTs.

The more time one spends nurturing the Tamadoge pet NFTs, the more rewards one earns while rising on the leaderboard for even more valuable prizes. In addition, the play-to-earn aspect affirms Tamadoge’s long-term prospects when gamers look for ways to make money on the side.


Cocky is another exciting project that demystifies the lack of utility on NFT projects. Operating as a lifestyle club, the NFT project offers people access to some of the top world-class music events. In addition, the project takes utility in the NFT space to another new level by providing NFT holders a way to access once-in-a-lifetime musical events. 

If a Cocky NFT holder does not intend to attend an event, they can sell their ticket in the custom-built secondary market. Cocky Token holders can purchase the tickets, providing utility to the native token which is key to its growth. 

Currently, the project consists of 10,000 Cocky Can NFTs and three tiers. The tier-based system allows holders to unlock various benefits, including subsidized transport, accommodation, and additional event invites. 

Additionally, the Cocky NFTs come with a mutation, simply stamps added to the NFT each time a person attends an event. The mutations appear in the background and allow people to write their own stories about all the events they attend. 

The Cocky team intends to host at least two in-person world-class events annually and several virtual events. The events will focus on electronic music in prestigious locations and give holders an immersive experience.


Illuvium is a fantasy role-playing game powered by the Ethereum blockchain. It is one of the most exciting NFT projects that offers people a way to earn one or more illuvials. Each of the Illuvials comes with a different affinity, class, and ability. Holders can use the illuvials in battle role-playing games to capture new enemy illuvials. Additionally, they can merge to become more powerful. 

In addition to playing games with the Illuvials, holders can also trade them with their peers instantly with no gas fees. Holders can also store their in-game illuvials in shards and crypto wallets for staking purposes to earn some income on the side. Staking allows holders to vote on any future changes to the role-playing game.

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Mavrix is an exciting upcoming NFT project that leverages augmented reality to develop AR NFT art. The art can be used as avatars in the metaverse world. Currently, it has about 10,000 unique Ethereum Based NFTs that people can license for use as avatars in social media networks and metaverse apps. 

The Mavrix app allows people and holders to wear avatars and create cool clips and photos. In return, the Mavrix holders are entitled to weekly giveaways. There is also the prospect of earning 30% of the royalties from secondary sales of the AR NFT Avatars.


Silks is another exciting NFT project garnering lots of attention for providing an exciting and unique way for people to earn from their holdings. It operates as a blockchain-enabled metaverse. Consequently, it allows people to own, trade, and earn rewards from horse racing.

The NFT project is based on actual horse racing events. All the in-game virtual horses come with a counterpart in the real world. Therefore, virtual horses’ owners benefit whenever their real-world horses perform well in the actual races. 

Silks will also allow NFT holders to purchase plots of land and construct their stables to house their virtual horses. The plots of land are to be structured as NFTs allowing owners to monetize and trade them through the Silk marketplace. The virtual horses are also structured as NFTs, with new pools of horses minted. 

Silks is one project poised to gamify the horse racing experience while providing a way for people to benefit from the experience. It also offers a way for savvy investors to purchase valuable horses and generate income through participation.

Bottom Line

While the Non-Fungible Token space is still in the early stages of development, it is experiencing tremendous growth thanks to the increasing use cases of tokenized items. However, not all NFT projects stand to generate significant value for investors. Therefore, it is vital to only settle on NFT projects backed by a solid use case and community. Additionally, one should only focus on projects in dedicated NFT marketplaces and carry out due diligence.


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