» 7 Tips for Creating an Effective Lead-Generation Strategy for Your Marketing Campaign

7 Tips for Creating an Effective Lead-Generation Strategy for Your Marketing Campaign

By Tolu Ajetunmobi
— November 13, 2022


Lead generation is vital in any marketing campaign because leads are necessary to generate sales. This article will briefly discuss what leads are and give you some of the best tips for creating an effective lead-generation strategy for your marketing campaign.

Who is a Lead?

A lead is a prospective customer who has expressed some interest in buying your goods or using the services you provide. The process of collecting leads from your target audience is called lead generation. The goal is to convert these leads into clients or customers.

Lead generation involves engaging strangers, drawing them in, and turning them into potential consumers. As with most marketing processes, you need an effective lead-generation strategy to ensure you are not wasting resources or attracting the wrong leads.

Tips for Creating an Effective Lead Generation Strategy

A lead generation strategy is a detailed plan or set of instructions you use to generate leads for your company. It is a method to pique your audience’s curiosity and draw them to your brand or services.

Here are seven tips to help you create an effective lead-generation strategy

●     Leverage lead magnets for email marketing

Email marketing can be a great way to convert leads into long-term customers. To get people to join your email list, use a lead magnet. A lead magnet is anything you use to attract people to your brand.

The lead magnet can be free products or samples, informative materials, or special discounts. You can also promise to provide updates on specific areas that appeal to your audience. To make the most of your email marketing, try email marketing tools like Activecampaign.

●     Add chatbots to your website

A chatbot is an artificial intelligence (AI) program that holds a conversation with a user through messaging services, websites, mobile applications, or over the phone. All you need to do is modify them to reflect the personality of your business and the message you want to convey to your website visitors.

Chatbots such as collect.chat are fantastic tools for lead generation as they allow you to converse with your website visitors. Prospective customers can ask questions, get feedback, and even make orders, depending on how you set up the chatbot.

You can use the information provided to understand how best to convert that visitor into a client or customer.

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●     Use social media to your advantage

Another technique to generate leads for your company is social media marketing. An active social media presence is essential to your lead generation and marketing campaign as a whole.

However, the exact choice of platform depends on your target audience. We recommend you take some time to research the platform the people within your target audience use the most and the type of content that appeals to them.

You can also add influencer marketing to a lead generation strategy. Influencer marketing deals with social media platforms but involves leveraging another brand/person’s social media presence.

●     Launch paid media campaigns

A paid media campaign is one of the best lead-generating tactics in digital marketing to market your content and increase brand exposure immediately. Examples of paid media include Facebook adverts, Google pay-per-click ads, and sponsored updates on LinkedIn.

To get the most from a paid media campaign, you want to ensure you optimize your landing page for the best user experience. Little errors, such as using the wrong font or slow-loading pages, can make this method ineffective.

According to one report, 76% of consumers would stop doing business with a company after just one bad customer experience. Therefore, you need to provide the best user experience to the leads you generate from paid media campaigns.

●     Try gamification and interactive content

People are competitive by nature and enjoy winning. You can leverage this competitive nature to create leads for your business. To do this, you must figure out how to incorporate gamification into your lead generation techniques.

Gamification can create business leads by mandating specific actions, such as email signup, as a condition of participation. A fun test or a wheel of fortune that matches a web visitor with a product or service can be added to your website.

Additionally, you can include gaming elements on landing pages. You can place the lead-generating form after prospects have played a game.

Most people would hang around to see what happens after the game. If you ask for their contact information to receive their prize, they will give it to you willingly.

●     Employ SEO and competitor analysis

Due to its low client acquisition cost, search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the online lead-generating tactics with the highest return on investment (ROI).

You may create tailored leads to increase the lead-to-sale ratio through keyword research. Start by looking up broad topic concepts in Buzzsumo or Mongools that are pertinent to your company. They provide you with long-tail keywords (three to five phrases), which are more targeted and enable you to target your ideal client.

Take your SEO lead-generating strategies to the next level by looking at what your competitors emphasize. You can also analyze their content type and channels to understand what appeals best to your target audience.

●     Make use of search intent

The three layers that make up the typical sales funnel are awareness, consideration, and conversion.

The initial phase in the sales process is to draw potential clients into your funnel, sometimes using sponsored advertisements, and move them to the bottom, where they make a purchase. Nevertheless, each lead generation strategy needs to be customized for your consumer.

To avoid the top and middle of the marketing funnel, you can categorize your potential customers as transactional, informative, or navigational based on their search queries. You can focus on those who fall into the transactional category to increase sales.

Focusing on prospects that are keen to make a purchase produces qualified leads. Those prospects are also easier to convert than others browsing your website looking for information.


You have learned how lead generation works in this post and what you can do to generate more leads for your company. You can start with one or two tips and then incorporate other approaches based on your marketing goals and overall strategy. Lead generation software like Convertful is also a great way to generate leads and increase your sales conversion rate quickly.


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