» What Are The Next Big NFT Games to Earn Money in 2022

What Are The Next Big NFT Games to Earn Money in 2022

By Farida Iqbal
— July 29, 2022


The entertainment world has heavily embraced Non-Fungible-Tokens (NFTs) over the last few years. NFT games have particularly become popular following the rise of play-to-earn games. As a game lover, you can play and earn rewards with ease.  

Reporterlink.com published a report revealing that the gaming market was $162.3 billion in 2020 and that the number is likely to rise to $295.63 billion by 2026.

Some recently released games such as BeaRex have become excellent examples of how users can make money playing their favorite games. In this post, we’re going to talk about some of the latest play-to-earn NFT games in 2022. If you’re looking to make money in a fun and engaging way, keep reading!

4 Best NFT Games to Earn Money in 2022  

If you’re a digital games lover, you probably have played plenty of games in the past. However, the rewards in old-fashioned games offer zero real-world value. NFT games, on the contrary, come with an in-game economy based on blockchain networks. You can purchase, sell, and use crypto-based assets.  

So, are you ready to take advantage of the next big NFT games? Here are the top 4 NFT play-to-earn games you need to check out in 2022 and earn real money:

1. Axie Infinity

You’ll see Axie Infinity at the top of most NFT game lists online. With over 2.8 million daily active users, Axie Infinity enables players to earn AXS tokens. Wondering how this game really works? To get started, you have to buy digital creatures called Axies and other in-game items. 

The prime objective is to raise those creatures and breed them to create generations. Each Axie has its own unique genetic properties that pass down to the next generations. Your goal is to create a rare breed of Axies with phenomenal traits in order to earn handsome rewards on the Ethereum NFT marketplace.  

Did you know the most expensive Axie ever sold was for $820,000? Besides, Axie Infinity is a platform where over $3.6 billion worth of transactions has been made in their in-house marketplace.  

How to get started?  

  • Set up an account by setting up the Ronin wallet
  • Add Ronin wallet extension to your desktop or mobile
  • Buy Axies and build your team
  • The next step is to sign up on the Axie official Marketplace
  • Buy Axies that are currently up for sale


2. Alien Worlds

With over 1.1 million users, Alien Worlds is another major play-to-earn NFT game. Alien Worlds is a blockchain-based game that enables you to earn NFTs. As a player, you get a chance to mine the in-game token called Trilium (TLM). If you’re looking for multiple passive income opportunities within an NFT gaming platform, don’t forget to try out Alien Worlds.

In order to participate in the governance of the planets in the metaverse, you have to stake Trilium. It’s a mining game with multiple DAOs and NFTs. Each planet operates independently offering unique NFT environments. You can use NFT assets to build economies within seven plants where economic competition and council elections make things fun for gamers.  

How to get started?

Get ready to start your missions on Alien World and discover opportunities to earn NFTs. Here is an overview of how you can mine TLM:

  • Choose planet
  • Pick a piece of land
  • Get some tools to mine
  • Start mining TLM

To participate in governance, you need to stake TLM. You also need TLM to participate in in-game quests. Some of the NFTs used within the Alien Worlds called:

  • Weapons
  • Minions
  • Tools
  • Avatars
  • Land

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Ledger Nano S Plus

3. The Sandbox

Have you ever played Minecraft? The Sandbox has some features that are like Minecraft. We can say Sandbox is more of a creator platform and a community-driven platform where users can earn rewards. The Sandbox is an Ethereum-based NFT game that enables you to create, sell or monetize your own NFTs. The utility token used to run the in-game economy is called SAND.

Game participants can use SAND to buy LANDs from public sales, purchase game assets such as Gems and Catalysts. As an asset designer, you also need SAND to upload your creations to the Marketplace.

The Sandbox is different from other NFT metaverse projects as players contribute to the user-generated content ecosystem of the metaverse. The overall concept makes the game more intuitive. On the bright side, you don’t need any coding skills to participate and earn money.

How to start playing the Sandbox?

As a beginner, you need to invest some money, approx $100 to start playing the game. You don’t get any financial advice on how to make money, but you can ask the community for tips and tricks. Investing SAND in LAND gives you a chance to generate passive income. However, contribution is the only way to earn rewards.

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4. Battle of Guardians 

Let’s explore Battle of Guardians (BoG), one more play-to-earn NFT game developed on the Solana Network. As the name suggests, it’s a real-time multiplayer, fighting game that involves virtual conflicts. If you’re ready to beat your virtual opponents and earn rewards with real-world value, Battle of Guardians is the first PvP game that meets your goals.  

BoG comes with an official marketplace where you can buy or trade NFT characters with other players. The in-game currency people use to trade items is called Fighting Points ($FP) and Battle of Guardians Share ($BGS). Fighting Points can be used to purchase NFT characters and governance authority. On the other hand, players use $BGS to purchase NFTs and enter tournaments.

Like the other 3 games we’ve just mentioned, Battle of Guardians has also huge potential to revolutionize the NFT gaming industry.

The platform has plenty of potential for the future, and we can certainly see it revolutionizing the NFT gaming sector. So, it would be prudent for you to enter the platform as soon as possible.


Closing Thoughts  

So, what are you waiting for? It’s high time to explore these amazing play-and-earn NFT games. Join these platforms and get an opportunity to create and trade valuable NFTs in a fun way. Don’t forget to check out the following NFT games as well:

  • Zed Run
  • Decentraland
  • Blankos Blank Party
  • Star Atlas
  • CryptoBlades

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