» Move to Earn: How to Earn Crypto While Moving?

Move to Earn: How to Earn Crypto While Moving?

By Nagi An
— July 21, 2022


Move-to-earn is an offshoot of the play-to-earn industry. It’s a new way to earn cryptocurrency while walking, running, cycling, or doing any other physical activity. The applications or games that use move-to-earn technology track users’ movements in order to reward them for their activity. You can also view this concept as gamified fitness.

A plethora of move-to-earn projects are entering the crypto scene. Let’s take a look at some of the popular ones that are worth your time.



At first sight, Sweatcoin works like a usual mobile app. You can download it for free from the app stores and start accumulating coins while you walk. What sets it apart is the fact that it bridges central apps with the crypto world.

The coins you collect using the apps are called Sweatcoins, and they can be used for purchasing items from Sweatcoin’s shop or donated to a charity organization. Note that Sweatcoin is not a cryptocurrency. You can convert it to SWEAT, which is a cryptocurrency and is expected to launch in September 2022. The Sweatcoin team announced that until the launch one Sweatcoin would be worth 1 SWEAT. However, after the initial event, the conversion will occur at a lower rate.

Every day you can walk a maximum of 10,000 steps to collect coins. The app will gift you circa one Sweatcoin for every 1,000 steps. In addition, you can earn daily rewards through advertising partnerships. There’s also a paid membership option that lets you earn more Sweatcoins daily.

For now, Sweatcoin only rewards walking, but other exercise types will be added in the future.

Meta Gym

Meta Gym is a workout application that runs on the Polygon blockchain. It has game-fi, fit-fi, and sleep-fi features that are fully integrated with smartwatches. You choose an avatar, known as MetaGym Buddy, to participate in the game and engage in cardio exercises and complete other fitness challenges to earn the game’s native token HRT, heart rate tokens.

Each Meta Gym avatar has unique attributes that influence its earning potential. Their ranking ranges from 1 to 100 and includes five different attribute categories: endurance, strength, mindfulness, recovery, and appetite. You can select an avatar that supports your exercise style. It’s also possible to power up the avatars to earn more.

40% of the daily earning potential is allocated to cardio-related exercises, while 20% is allocated to strength and resistance training. For instance, weight-lifting for 20-40 minutes can earn you 50-80% of the total daily token potential. You can also earn tokens through mindfulness meditations. The earnings can be spent to level up your avatars inside the game or convert it to the stablecoin USDC via a cryptocurrency exchange.


Dotmoovs is a sports application with metaverse features. At the moment, freestyle football and dance modes are available. Using Dotmoovs you can train at home and compete with other players worldwide to be rewarded with MOOV tokens. All you need is your smartphone’s camera.

Dotmoovs uses a two-step algorithm to track the positions of the human body and a scoring algorithm to measure the players’ performances. These algorithms are tailored to the sports type. Thanks to these technologies, two players can compete at the same time, even if they are at different locations in the world.

Players can collect MOOV tokens and NFTs simply by participating in these competitions. It’s also possible to stake MOOV for additional rewards. The app also allows NFT owners to farm their NFTs for additional monetary incentives. MOOV tokens also grant access to special tournaments, leagues, special NFT occasions, and other live events.


OliveX develops a comprehensive fitness experience through a move-to-earn metaverse. The game revolves around the in-game token DOSE that you can earn by completing missions of gameplays: Dustland Runner and Dustland Rider.

In Dustland Runner, you advance the game’s narrative by running in the real world and earn DOSE tokens and NFTs. Dustland Rider, on the other hand, integrates with a physical bicycle via Bluetooth sensors to let you progress in the game’s narrative.

OliveX has strategic partnerships with major companies, such as Animoca Brands, The Sandbox, Playinnovation, Gym Aesthetics, and Trib3.

Smartwatch tracking exercises through a mobile app


Calo is another fitness metaverse in which you can earn crypto tokens by participating in daily workouts, either in single mode or in competition mode. Calo requires you to buy an NFT sneaker to start playing, so there’s an initial investment, it’s not completely free to start. Two exercise modes are available: running and walking.

Calo has a dual-token economy: you can collect CALO or FIT tokens. The amount you can earn depends on the performance of your NFT sneaker. Each sneaker also has a different speed attribute. The higher the speed, the more tokens you can earn.

Calo also integrates social-fi features. These include an invite-to-earn opportunity that allows you to earn rewards by inviting your friends to use the application. Another social-fi feature is a ranking system that takes into account players’ collaboration efforts to give them roles like winner, influencer, inspirer, supporter, and helper.  This classification influences the amounts of rewards players can earn.


Step App

Step is yet another crypto fitness application that requires you to invest in NFT sneakers initially to participate. Step is actually a fitness finance (FitFi) development protocol. Step App is the first application developed using this protocol.

You can walk, run, and participate in competitions to earn KCAL tokens that you can use to buy sneakers called SNEAKs. Step’s economy allows you to stake your tokens to unlock game items such as avatar skins.


Final words

Move-to-earn games merge health-fi with gamification features, rewarding players with crypto tokens for an active lifestyle. In this sense, they also function as a motivator for working out.

Some move-to-earn games are completely free to start, offering a fun way to enter into the crypto realm without having to invest first.

There’s also the social aspect. Many such games offer leaderboards and competitions, allowing you to work out socially.


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