» Types of Blog Posts and How to Use them Effectively

Types of Blog Posts and How to Use them Effectively

By Haris Umair
— July 20, 2022


No doubt blog posts can serve as an effective tool for getting traffic and building a loyal audience. Since there are numerous types of blog posts, you need to be careful when choosing the best style for your blog. For this purpose, you must be familiar with the most popular and effective types of blog posts.

To assist you, we have discussed various types of blog posts. You can choose the most relevant one depending on your preferred niche.

Table of Contents

  1. How-To/Tutorial Blog Posts
  2. Product Reviews
  3. Comparison Blog Posts
  4. Listicles
  5. Blogs based on Personal Stories
  6. Guest Posts
  7. Final Thoughts

1. How-To/Tutorial Blog Posts

How-to blogs are quite popular among the readers. Generally, people search the internet for a viable solution to their problems. If your visitors find the answer to their questions, they will continue to come back to your blog.

For instance, a blog title “how to bake a pie” can grab the attention of all those people who are interested in learning this recipe. This type of blog post also allows sharing your expertise and knowledge regarding a specific niche or subject.

Listed below are the examples of how-to/tutorial blog post topics:

  • “How to create a website using WordPress”
  • “How to do keyword research”
  • “How to renovate your home”

2. Product Reviews

In most cases, people do some research before buying a product. This is the area where product reviews can help them reach an informed decision. These types of blog posts offer an in-depth review of a product. As a result, the buyer can get the required information that isn’t otherwise available.

In order to make your reviews trustworthy, try to answer the most relevant questions that a buyer might ask. This can help you build a loyal audience. However, to achieve this goal, make sure to give an honest and unbiased review of a product.

Examples of product review topics include:

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3. Comparison Blog Posts

Comparison or VS Blog Posts are somewhat similar to product reviews. Here, you compare two or more than two products by discussing their features, specifications, pros, and cons. While comparing different products, keep the tone of your blog informational.

Also, provide the most relevant and authentic information. This will help the readers have a better understanding of the products under comparison. You can recommend a particular product by providing some solid reasons for such a preference.

Below are the examples of comparison/VS blog topics:

  • “Apple VS Samsung Phones”
  • “Daikin VS Panasonic Air Conditioners, which is the best”
  • “Canon VS Nikon Cameras, which one to Choose”
Top 10 list

4. Listicles

Listicles or list-based blog posts are among the most popular types of blogs. It’s a great way of presenting your information. The visitors don’t have to read different blog posts, as they can get the required information by going through a list-based blog.

These types of blog posts are digestible and highly suitable for link-building/SEO purposes. Also, this type of blog post works for almost every niche. To get the most out of these blogs, make sure to share your listicles via social media. This can help you attract more readers.

Here are a few examples of listicles.

  • “Top 10 ways to lose your weight”
  • “7 Reasons why you shouldn’t buy a used car”
  • “10 best recipes to try this summer”

5. Blogs based on Personal Stories

If you are a great storyteller, this type of blog post is for you. By sharing some interesting experiences from your visit to a tourist attraction, you can attract a wide range of people. However, avoid self-promotion when telling your stories.

Below are some of the most popular storytelling blogs.

Telling personal stories is a way to keep your audience engaged. Once a relationship is developed between you and your visitors, make sure not to shake their trust. Meaning thereby, use only the relevant aspects of your story and avoid the introduction of fiction or fantasy.

6. Guest Posts

These types of blog posts are beneficial for both the guest bloggers and hosts. For instance, writing a guest post or hosting a guest blog can help you gain more traffic. By writing a guest post for someone else’s blog, you can display your content to a new audience and link back to your blog or social media channels.

If you are successful in generating enough interest through your guest post, it can improve your blog’s traffic if the post redirects to your blog which can also help to enhance your site’s authority. On the other hand, you can also improve your traffic by allowing others to write guest posts for you and link to other credible websites or sources.

However, when writing a guest post or hosting one, try to offer the best possible content. The post should be engaging, authentic, and relevant. When permitting guest posts, don’t forget to provide the blogging guidelines to the guest bloggers.

Final Thoughts

The types of blog posts mentioned above aren’t exhaustive, as there are numerous other options too. You must choose a type of blog post depending on your blog’s niche. For instance, listicles format might not be that suitable when your blog is designed to host ‘How to/tutorial types of blog posts’.

Initially, you can try a particular type of blog post to see how your audience responds. If everything goes well, this could serve as an ideal type of blog post for your blog. In addition, posting relevant and engaging content can help you attract more visitors.


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