» 5 Easy and Creative Ways to Build Links To Your Site

5 Easy and Creative Ways to Build Links To Your Site

By Farida Iqbal
— May 11, 2022


As a business owner or entrepreneur, you probably understand how crucial it is to have a strong link building strategy. Since online competition is fierce, you can’t afford to miss out on promising growth opportunities such as link building.


Link building is important because it is one of the factors that determine the ranking of your website. When search engines rank your site, they take into account the links that lead to your site. Top pages in the Google Search Engine Results Page (SERP) have an average of 3.8 times more backlinks than the following 2-10 pages.


When highly reputable and authoritative sites link to you, it becomes so much easier to rank your website and other content appearing on top of search results. In other words, when popular figures or websites talk about your business or content, it creates an incredible impact on your overall online presence.


This is where you need to learn more about effective link building techniques and how it can uplevel your SEO game. On the bright side, it’s super easy to build links. In this post, we’ll highlight 5 of the easiest and creative ways to build links to your business website.


1.   Reach out to people in your niche


Outreach is a key part of any link building strategy. It is when you reach out to people in your industry or niche and tell them about your content. All you need is a valuable piece of content or product that they can link to.


Crucial part is the way you choose and reach out to people who might like to link to your business or content. For example, if you want to have a blogger or influencer link to your content, you need to draft a good outreach email. If you’re looking to connect with popular figures, then you must realize that they receive plenty of outreach emails every day. So, you must be clear and more creative when asking those people to take a look at your content.


You can shortlist some of the most relevant people in your industry and then craft personalized emails to reach out to them. Evaluate your competitors to find out websites or people linking back to their website or products.

2.   Get active on social media

You can’t skip social media when it comes to obtaining easy links. Social platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, and Pinterest are great places to explore unique link building opportunities. So many marketers and businesses miss the boat when they stay inactive on social media.


Don’t be one of them. Start creating great social posts, images, and videos that your audience would love to share. As a result, you’ll expose your business to more people and improve your chances of people linking to your content. But remember not to be pushy or spammy in your attempt to attract more people. Focus on creating helpful and exciting content.


You can also use social media to reach out to relevant influencers and bloggers and tell them about your business.

Get active on social media

3.   Respond to trending topics


Sharing your thoughts on trending articles or topics is also a creative and easy way to boost your link building efforts. You can share a relevant video, blog, podcast, or anything that is relevant to the topic. For this, you must monitor what’s trending in your industry. Google Trends is just one example of tools that help you explore the latest trending topics as well as Buzzsumo and Twinword.


When commenting on or responding to a piece of content, be authentic and comprehensive with links to your published resources. While your objective is to get more backlinks, make sure to help readers and viewers expand their knowledge. In other words, don’t just comment for the sake of commenting. Add value to ongoing conversations.

4.   Capitalize on broken links


Semrush conducted a study where they found out that 42.5% of websites have broken links. You should consider capitalizing on those broken links, especially if you don’t have enough time to produce engaging content.


Not sure how broken link building works? It’s simple. Find web pages on blogs with links that no longer work and suggest replacing those dead links with similar pages on your site. You can read in-depth guides online if you want to better understand broken link building.


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5.   Grow your brand


Growing your brand is another creative link-building strategy. Whether you’re a business owner, marketer, or blogger, having a personal brand will be of great help. You don’t have to pay or sponsor to get links. Instead, you would be able to earn links organically and editorially.


While it’s not an easy task to build a powerful personal brand, you can take small and easy steps to make this task super easy. For example, if you start publishing a short but valuable post on your LinkedIn every day, at the end of a year your small efforts will turn into a huge impact.  Blogging is a powerful channel to grow the brand that represents you when you’re not there.


Imagine if you’re passionate about something and lots of people love to follow you and get inspiration from your content. In such a case, when you publish something online, those people will start linking to your content.


Honorable mentions


We’ve discussed 5 easy ways to build links to your site. However, possibilities are endless, and you should look beyond these tactics. Here are some more ways to earn links with ease:


  • If your competitors are ranking higher than you, check their backlinks to know where they’re coming from. In other words, replicate your competitors’ success.
  • Keep track of your links to know whether you need to create more or pause for a while.
  • Create usable content that helps your audience accomplish something or fix their problems.
  • Create images, infographics, and videos with the potential to attract readers and links.
  • Create linkable assets: research, tools, guides, studies, tutorials, etc.

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