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Best Affiliate Networks for Affiliate Marketing

By Haris Umair
— June 20, 2022


Affiliate marketing is a great source for earning passive income. In fact, a lot of people have made their fortune through this type of marketing. If you have plans to enter this field as an affiliate, make sure to choose the best affiliate network. This is essential, as it won’t be possible to get started without such a network.

To assist you, we have compiled a list of the top affiliate networks. So, you can find a perfect affiliate platform irrespective of your niche. Are you interested in knowing what we got here? If yes, just continue reading.

Table of Contents

  1. ClickBank
  2. Amazon Associates
  3. CJ Affiliates
  4. FlexOffers
  5. Awin
  6. Final Thoughts

1. ClickBank

ClickBank serves as a powerful marketplace for affiliates. There is a huge range of products that you can promote and sell. ClickBank knows how to harness the power of affiliate marketing and capture billions of worth markets. Here, you can find more than 6 million products to market.

The most lucrative aspect of this platform is its solid commissions. A few of the products offer higher commissions (nearly 75%). Using this affiliate network is simple, as you can easily choose a product from the online catalog created by ClickBank.

Besides, you can also take advantage of the upsell options. By choosing upsell options, you are not only offering more value to a consumer but also making more money. Most of the products available on this platform offer recurring commissions. So, you will earn a commission whenever a customer renews its subscription.


  • Ideal option for beginners
  • Pays on time
  • Provides essential marketing material
  • Most of the products offer recurring commission


  • Fierce competition among affiliates

2. Amazon Associates

Amazon is among the oldest and most popular affiliate networks. It is a perfect platform if you want to start your affiliate marketing venture. Amazon is the largest eCommerce marketplace. Hence, it offers a vast variety of products and services. You can easily choose a product that relates to your niche.

In addition, Amazon handles most of the sales procedures. You just need to bring the new customers to Amazon.  This is a great plus for the newcomers, who are looking for a trusted and powerful affiliate network. Since there are millions of products to choose from, you can promote the item of your choice.


  • Ease of use
  • Diverse product range
  • A reliable and trusted name
  • Reasonable commission
  • Timely payouts


  • Strict policy and terms of use
Illustration of a network of connected people with one in red in the center of the network

3. CJ Affiliates

CJ Affiliates or commonly known as Commission Junction is a well-known name in the affiliate industry. This particular affiliate network works with different companies and helps to promote tons of products throughout the world. CJ Affiliates is backed by 20 years of experience, making it a reliable choice.

This platform is referred to as the best affiliate network for beginners. In fact, experienced marketers can also make good use of CJ Affiliate. With over 300 brands (including top brands), you can easily find the product of your choice.

In addition, the program claims to have 43% growth in commissions every year. This feature makes it a great affiliate marketing network. However, in order to be qualified, you must own a website or blog with a sufficient amount of traffic. Besides, the conditions for continuing as an affiliate are strict too.


  • Offers a suitable platform to start affiliate marketing
  • Tons of brands
  • Lucrative commissions
  • User-friendly interface


  • Brands or companies have strict requirements

4. FlexOffers

This is one of the best affiliate networks for beginners. FlexOffers contains more than 12,000 affiliate programs. In addition, the number of advertisers also goes beyond the 500 mark. The list of categories is extensive too. FlexOffers is among the largest affiliate programs in the industry. Hence, joining this platform can be beneficial in many ways.


  • Works for almost any niche
  • A huge network of merchants
  • Easy to use interface
  • Offers products with good commission


  • Difficult signup process

5. Awin

Awin is an eCommerce store, which is similar to Amazon and Etsy. The platform boasts more than 13,000 advertisers. Furthermore, it also covers a huge range of products. To keep things organized; Awin has distributed all its products into four major categories. These include:

  • Finance and Insurance
  • Retail and Shopping
  • Telecommunications and Services
  • Travel

All the available products and services fall under multiple niches. Hence, it would be much easier for you to choose the right product and start your affiliate marketing journey. Awin is a great platform for website owners, content creators, and influencers. If you are one of these, Awin welcomes you to build a profitable and trusted relationship.


  • Covers a variety of categories
  • Over 13,000 active advertisers
  • More than 200,000 publishers
  • Higher commission rates


  • Hard to navigate dashboard

Final Thoughts

To conclude, choosing one of the best affiliate networks is a critical decision. Even if an affiliate network works well for others, this isn’t a guarantee that it will also work for you. Moreover, avoid choosing a network in haste. On the contrary, try to understand the key features and processes of a particular platform. When making a decision, make sure to look for an option that fits your niche and business goals. If would like to learn more about affiliate marketing, you can also choose many of the comprehensive courses offered on SkillShare to get you started.


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