» Pros and Cons of AI-Powered Content Creation

Pros and Cons of AI-Powered Content Creation

By Vindya Vithana
— June 4, 2022


Creating high-quality content is a science as much as it is an art. We, humans, are quite capable of the “art” aspect of it. We are able to infuse humor, comfort, information, and joy into the content that we write, imparting a sense of “wow!” and wonder in the minds of our readers. As the tech world is increasingly using Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered tools in every possible aspect of our day-to-day lives, there are amazing strides in using AI to power the creation and editing aspect of content as well.

The question is, should we use AI to create content? Is there something inferior about content that has not been written by a human? The answer to these questions is rather nuanced. While there is nothing fundamentally wrong with AI-powered content creation or using writing tools that automatically generate unique content under a certain topic, there should always be a human touch in the end to add more value and personality to such content.

In this article, we will look at what it means to generate content powered by AI, what kind of tools currently exist that deliver high-quality AI-generated content, the pros, and cons of using such content in your content marketing strategy, and finally how to minimize the cons by humanizing AI-generated content.

What is AI-Powered Content Generation?

AI-powered content generation is as exactly as it sounds—you are getting the help of an AI program to generate content under a certain topic. The capabilities of the AI tools meant for this purpose vary from getting a generic set of words which are obvious to any reader as computer-generated text to a properly reasoned and intelligent article that effectively mimics human writing. The process in which this happens is called NLG or Natural Language Generation, a technology that has been around and evolving for well over 50 years.

There are two main kinds of AI-generated content. Some of them are called “content spinners” which basically rewrite an existing piece of content so it would appear to be “unique” by the algorithms of search engines such as Google. The more advanced versions of AI-content generation tools are able to scan data related to your topic from the massive expansion of knowledge on the internet and put together unique content from scratch.


–       Efficiency

Without the need for extensive human input, AI tools can produce content in a lesser amount of time and in higher quantities.

–       Better Technical Quality Control

AI tools such as Quillbot are often better in perfecting the technical aspects of writing such as plagiarism checking, spelling, vocabulary, and grammar.

–       Reducing Repetitive Research

Most human writers spend most of their writing time doing research for information that is often repetitive. A simple AI content generation tool such as Frase is able to largely reduce the time spent in repetitive research.

–       Reducing Human Error

An overworked writer who is heavily producing research long-form content can easily make errors in their writing even though they do not do it on purpose. An AI tool can effectively eliminate these errors. Hemingway Editor is a great tool to help with clear, concise, and powerful writing.

–       Easy Content Spinning Capability

With new publishing platforms coming up frequently, it is not always easy to write the same idea in several unique ways. AI content spinner tools such as Spin Rewriter help you by generating unique and human-quality content from an existing piece of writing.

–       Cost

Using AI content generation tools often costs much less than getting a human writer to complete every step of a content generation especially due to the speed and efficiency of AI tools.

Robot in the center on top of phone with four people around receiving content and messages


–       Lack of Creativity

Creativity is an inherent human phenomenon, which involves being able to think of new and imaginative ways to express an idea. AI content generation tools are not capable of mimicking that.

–       Lack of Personality and Familiarity

Content marketing is about making the reader feel personally connected to what the writer tries to express. AI tools are not able to add personality or familiarity to the content.

–       Lack of Context

AI tools may get higher levels of accuracy when it comes to the data included in the generated content, but they are unable to include context that help explain the data.

–       Lack of Nuance

Humans are complex. No matter the niche audience you are targeting, nothing is rarely black and white when creating valuable content. AI tools are unable to recognize the nuance and complexity of human emotions.

–       Google’s Dislike for Auto-Generated Content

Google specifically mentions in their Google Search Central that they may take negative actions on content generated through automated processes.


Humanizing AI-generated Content

One of the most alarming reasons that content marketers are afraid to involve any kind of AI tool in their content generation is that Google Webmaster Guidelines are clearly against automatically generated content.

Regardless of how advanced your AI content generation tools are if the webspam team of Google detects that your content is generated automatically, it is going to negatively affect your website’s SEO. This is where the humanization of AI-generated content comes in. You can circumvent almost all the cons of AI-generated context by adding a little human touch to it.  

Humanizing Al-generated content is all about human reviewers adding a touch of personality to the article to make it friendlier and more readable. Basically, the content you generated from an efficient AI tool should always be considered only as a first draft.

Now that you have a clean structure to your article and sound data to support your topic, it is your job to add the element of story and creativity to it. Simply presenting data and information to your reader is not enough. You need to add context, create a narrative, and empathize with your reader so they will read your content until the end. It is a skill that even the most advanced AI tools have not perfected yet.


Final Words

Finally, the most important thing for you to understand is that AI content generation is not a rival, but a hard-working teammate who will help you do the most time-consuming work. With the high demand for new and unique content, it is extremely difficult for content marketers to consistently create great content. So, why not use the help of an AI buddy to create the first draft as you generate high-quality content that provides true value to your content marketing strategy!


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