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Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing

By Hymayun Saleem
— May 19, 2022


Marketing was not always a customer-focused affair like advertisements on TV, Billboard ads, or man-to-man advertising, but from the start of intelligent digital marketing, it’s increasingly focused on prospective customers. People frequently interact with social media platforms, which can accurately predict their requirements. In this case, Artificial Intelligence, also known as AI, may play a crucial role.

Artificial intelligence is already changing marketing in the way we are used to it. AI technology has the power to speed up and optimize various marketing tasks and improve customer experiences and increase conversion. The frequent use of AI in the digital marketing industry demonstrates the significance of this new technology within the current digital world.

In this blog, we’ll discuss the role of AI in Marketing through digital aspects and explain how to utilize the capabilities of AI to enhance your marketing strategy, but first, let’s talk about what artificial intelligence is.


Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is a method in computer science that is taught to recognize and emulate human conversations and human behavior. Artificial Intelligence has produced an intelligent computer-controlled robot that thinks and responds to tasks like real humans based on fed data. AI can be used to complete specific and complex tasks, like robotics, recognizing speech or images, natural language processing, solving problems, etc.

Due to the rapid growth of Computer Science, AI is being utilized in the different fields of research and development worldwide. Artificial Intelligence isn’t the exact as Human Intelligence, but it can be taught and think like humans and could beat human intelligence shortly.


Role Of Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing

Starting with Google’s Voice search to personalized recommendations for online shopping, AI has changed the landscape of Digital landscape. AI has a better understanding of and analysis of input and data. AI takes over human roles in identifying the latest trends in marketing. Brands and marketers are adopting Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to cut down on time and cost.


AI Tools For Digital Marketing

If you’re just starting to investigate your options in artificial intelligence but do not want to hire an entire group of developers to completely modify your website, you can select powerful and accessible AI-powered programs such as Collect.Chat, Grammarly, and Uberflip to complete the task.

As per MarketingProfs, AI companies have 59% higher closure rates, 58% higher revenue and traffic, 54% more engagement, and 52% more conversions. That is why now might be the perfect time to adopt a standardized approach to AI within your company or marketing strategies.

Moreover, Using AI for data analysis is now possible to create an effective marketing strategy for your company. AI for marketing helps you make better decisions and assists you in creating more effective content. Implementing AI in your digital marketing strategies can help you reach your targeted audience.

You can select different tools to focus on different areas of your marketing plan. If you’re running a small business with limited resources to market, choose an AI tool like AiAdvertising to increase your advertising capabilities. If you’re a bigger firm looking to get an edge over competitors, you should consider using an SEO-based AI tool to assist you in beating them out on search engine results. No matter if you’re marketing to startups or an established company, here are some of the best AI tools to help you with digital marketing that you can use.


1. Targeted Marketing

Convincing your customers is a vital part of a targeted approach in marketing. But how do you convince those? AI Marketing Technology can quickly analyze data to predict your customers’ buying habits and choices. It can enhance the user experience by providing users with what they want.

Providing personalized customer experiences with the help of AI can greatly improve your results, and that can be accomplished by using simple but powerful tools such as virtual assistants or a predictive segmentation solution to personalize your customers’ experience. Traditional advertising is not as efficient as marketing that utilizes AI by targeting people based on their preferences while predicting their needs by analyzing multiple data points.

AI advertising optimization is utilized on social networks like Instagram. Algorithms examine the accounts an individual user follows and show advertisements most likely relevant to the user. It gives a better user experience, and a better return for the advertiser since fewer ads are shown to people who don’t want them. Marketers can use custom-designed data to predict if buyers are attracted to buying something before asking them to purchase anything.


2. Automated and Personalized Marketing

Do you want to automatize your online marketing while being able to make it a bit more specific? Using artificial intelligence in marketing can automate many repetitive tasks such as data mining and answering FAQs. It can increase your efficiency and productivity while saving both time and cash.

Personalization and automation using artificial intelligence are fantastic combinations that produce an extremely high-level personalized marketing. Businesses will gain an advantage in their battle for customers and be able to quickly increase sales and conversions.

AI technology can also assist marketers in automating pay-per-click (PPC) advertisement displays, search engine marketing (SEM), social media marketing (SMM), as well as research on keywords to enhance search engine optimization (SEO)

Thanks to advances in AI like the understanding of natural languages and reading machines, we can now see that search engines can discern the context of data, the entities, and the connections between them. It is a sign that the search engine is not only indexing, but it is capable of reasoning over the entirety of the web content. One good example is Bing’s Multi-Perspective Solutions; it’s a relatively recent intelligent search feature powered by AI.

Automated and Personalized Marketing

3. Effective Al Based Marketing Content

The key to successful marketing and advancement is to locate the right consumers and send them the right message at the appropriate time. Marketers can achieve this by conducting market research to discover what people are concerned about from a societal and cultural viewpoint and by looking at the macro market perspective to consider income, age, and educational level. It is crucial to break down the data and then transform it into something that you can give to your potential customer to get people to take note of the message. It is where artificial intelligence comes into play.

The impact of AI in marketing is becoming more crucial in content delivery. It aids in identifying subjects that are likely to attract the attention of viewers and delivering content with pinpoint accuracy around those subjects. Tools such as Twinword and Buzzsumo can help identify popular keywords and trending subjects to leverage within your marketing efforts.

Other AI tools like Jasper.ai and Article Forge can accelerate and improve your content marketing in various ways by creating news stories and reports in just a few seconds, which would normally take human writers several hours or days to produce.

Even if you’re not adamant about machines managing content creation completely, they’re still helpful for small tasks such as creating the content for your posts.


4. AI Chatbots

Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, and other messaging applications have become extremely popular and easy for users to reach businesses. However, hiring customer service agents can be costly.

To decrease the amount of work and speed up responses to customers, some companies have begun employing chatbots to address frequently asked questions and offer immediate responses at any time of night or day. Chatbots can give predetermined answers to commonly asked questions and redirect the conversation to a human when the query is too complex. It means that the time spent by customers is cut down and the burden taken off the agents, leaving them free to handle interactions that require more personalized responses.

With virtual assistants such as Siri, Google Assistant, and Alexa, we’re becoming better acquainted with chatbots and, in some cases, preferring them over a human. AI algorithms for processing language have been incredibly sophisticated in recent years and have made the possibility for computers to substitute human agents in sales and customer service jobs. Some of the simple to use and powerful Chatbot solutions include Collect.Chat and MobileMonkey.


5. SEO

Search algorithms are constantly improving all aspects, from tiny search results for products in databases on online shopping sites to search engines such as Google, which millions of individuals use every day.

Integrating AI in solutions like Grammarly to search engines can identify misspellings and provide alternative options that could be affected by your previous browsing or buying habits.

Google is getting increasingly proficient in its ability to determine the searcher’s “intent”. For example, if you search for “Apple,” are you looking for information about the fruit “Apple” or the tech company or the record label?

Search engines are aware that when users use their phone and look at “Food Spot,” they’re looking for a restaurant within a couple of miles instead of generally analyzing restaurants.

Results like shopping or Google My Business results offer a superior user experience for those searching. It is becoming frequent as the variety of assistants and devices powered by AI continues to expand.

Final Words

No doubt, Digital Marketers have discovered AI to be an effective tool. It has changed how AI-Based Marketing is conducted and helped in all aspects of the process

Neglecting the advantages and potential use of AI in marketing could mean that your business is likely to drop compared to your competitors in a market that is more and more dependent on technology. Although the use of advanced artificial intelligence may appear intimidating, the marketing software that uses this technology is very easy to use and easy to integrate with existing systems. If you’ve never been a part of the AI revolution, now is the perfect moment to start!


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