» 15 Ways to Do Marketing Without a Budget In 2022

15 Ways to Do Marketing Without a Budget In 2022

By Hymayun Saleem
— May 21, 2022


Marketing is an essential aspect of the growth and success of a business. It’s the best way to establish brand awareness, and you can connect with potential buyers to generate more sales. If you are a new business owner, you have various marketing strategies you can pick from to build your business’ reputation and meet your objectives.

When starting a new venture, you’d like to reduce costs as efficiently and as ethically as possible. That’s understandable, and here’s a scenario that many startups have to face. They don’t have funds, but they are required to manage marketing. Instead of spending time on expensive marketing techniques, you should focus on low-cost marketing strategies. There are numerous creative methods to advertise and promote a new business that can be very efficient and don’t cost any money.

This article will look at the 15 ways to do marketing with no budget in 2022.


1.  Start with LinkedIn

LinkedIn is completely free, yet it offers a wealth of marketing opportunities. Many professionals use LinkedIn as an online social media tool (a platform to showcase their resumes). But you must understand that LinkedIn is more than a resume. You can utilize LinkedIn to create articles, network with influential individuals, and create an organization for marketing that has many members. The number one advantage that LinkedIn has is the power of compounding. Imagine how many people can see your post talking about your business if only 10% of your 500 connections liked the post and each of these connections have 500 other connections that would see these likes. The other advantage that LinkedIn might have for certain businesses is the type of professional audience on the platform which is unique compared to other channels. The entire process cost will be nothing. However, the benefits you can reap out of it can be extremely beneficial if utilized correctly.

2.  Host a Free webinar 

Free webinars can introduce your brand and products to a larger public. The more interesting the subject is, the more likely you’ll draw attention.

No doubt, webinars are time-consuming as it is necessary to think of ideas, plan the webinar and promote your words, but the advantages can be outstanding.

3.  Launch a Referral or Affiliate Program

The most effective forms of marketing are the ones that you can set up easily, then develop naturally and automatically with little efforts. One of these forms of marketing is a referral or affiliate programs. It might not be a good fit for all businesses, but it’s worth trying.

Creating an affiliate or referral program basically transforms your customers into an actual marketing department that gets paid only a portion of the revenue it generates.

4.  Maintain Your Social Media Presence

Establishing an online community and creating social media interactions is a no-cost marketing tactic. Social media plays an essential part in building trust and growing your audience. Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok are game-changing marketing tools that do not require time or cash. Contests on social media are practical and cost-effective marketing strategies that companies can benefit from. You can award prizes to those who win. A typical social media marketing idea is to ask people to share, follow and tag their friends in your post. It is a great way to introduce your company’s services to potential customers who may be interested in your offers.


5.  Use Content Marketing

The concept of content marketing refers to a method that involves the creation of content that connects with your target audience and makes your company appear as an authoritative leader in the industry. Content marketing is intended to communicate with your target audience in an approach that is more organic than a paid advertisement.

Apart from social media marketing, there are two main types of content marketing, and these include:

  • Blog Content Marketing
  • Video Content Marketing


6.  Blog Content Marketing

A blog is an excellent method for any new business to boost its website traffic. Blog posts can improve user engagement, web presence, and general search engine ranking. Integrate natural link-building strategies and trending keywords in every blog post to gradually improve your ranking.

If your website in built using WordPress, then you can use some plug-ins to help you with your blog’s search engine optimizations (SEO).


7.  Video Content Marketing

Create unique videos that effectively demonstrate how to use a product or service. You could include a personal note or message about your brand based on the content of the video. Be honest and open, and put an appealing call to action at the end of the video. Another great way to generate video content is to get actual customer reviews from people who tried your product or service.

Video Content Marketing sites

8.  Utilize Guest Posting

If you think blogging is great and you love it, a guest post is even better. When you publish an article on a different blog or a website, you instantly benefit from and get exposure to the readers of that blog. Guest posting is usually at no cost, except for your time investment. Make a great article, draw the readers’ attention, and you could be asked to continue providing guest posts in the future.


9.  Become a Commentor on Blogs

The purpose of marketing is to make your company’s presence as widely known as possible. One free method to do this is by making comments on blog posts. Here’s how this usually work:

Find the top five blogs that are relevant to your field. Read the blogs and comment regularly. If people are exposed to your name and the associated brand, they start getting familiar with the brand and eventually might show interest in your product or service.

Each time you post a comment, you’re creating your brand image, so be sure to avoid making insensitive comments. The tone of your remarks influences your customers’ perception of your brand.


10.  Introduce New Customer Offers

Inviting potential customers through marketing and sales pitches to visit your website is simple. The most challenging part is making them loyal customers. Special deals or attractive offers to new customers can help boost your conversion and acquisition rates. For example, you can offer discounts or offer a free gift voucher to every new customer who makes a purchase.


11.  Hold a Hashtag

Hashtags are usually called “billboards for the Internet.” Because hashtags are available on all major social platforms, you can create an appropriate hashtag for your business and include it in every single post you share your content. A hashtag can be an interactive and searchable extension of your brand’s identity and become viral.


12.  Attend Local Events

Each business owner must take advantage of networking because it is an excellent way to market your business. Attend local events as well as networking events and meet people. If not all, make sure that you do not miss any networking opportunities that could benefit your business. Make a long-lasting impression on prospective customers and see them return later because they can’t get enough of your charisma. Nobody knows when they’ll be your next client or business associate. Another advantage of local events? Local media can be present, and you can even get free press!

13.  Add Email Marketing to Your Strategy

Automating the emailing process remains a huge trend in our modern world, and this strategy is not new. Find potential customers’ email addresses from different sources such as surveys, blogs, etc., and then send your newsletters every week or month to let them know about your business.

A few great examples of email marketing are promotional emails, newsletters, and similar types of content. Most of the time, they are sent to the whole mailing list.


14.  Be Your Network

Don’t miss the opportunity to promote your business in the real world. You’ll meet wonderful individuals in person that you’ll never see on the internet.

Everyone you encounter represents another potential marketing target. You don’t need to be a nuisance and shove your business’ name into the faces of strangers. However, when the topic of work gets brought up in conversations, you should inform people about and pitch your business.

The entire concept behind networking is marketing or advertising. You introduce people to your business in person in real life.


15.  Take Advantage of Cross-Promotion

One of the most effective free methods of marketing that a few companies use is cross-promotion. Cross-promotion permits you to collaborate with businesses like yours that advertise your product or service in exchange for marketing their product or service.

For instance, if you offer content writing services to entrepreneurs who operate online, you could suggest using a particular web designer to design their website. The web designer is your partner in cross-promotion. This web designer has corporate clients and directs them where he can recommend you to offer them content writing services.



Final Words

It is unnecessary to spend a lot of money on advertising campaigns for your business to succeed!

Numerous marketing strategies require creativity, effort, and time. You can explore a variety of marketing offers to see what works best for you! Also, enjoy experimenting with these 15 methods, and you’ll see that your customers are impressed by your creativity.

What are your top picks and what are your suggestions? Please share your thoughts by leaving a comment!



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