» Eight Best Low-Cap Crypto Gems to Buy

Eight Best Low-Cap Crypto Gems to Buy

By Ruchi Gupta
— September 29, 2022


Bitcoin and Ethereum have always been in people’s mouths regarding cryptocurrency investments. While the two boast premium valuations, they have always been investors’ preferred digital currencies in the nascent industry. However, they are not the only ones. 

Amid the growth experienced in recent years and adoption in the mainstream sector, new and exciting projects are increasingly cropping up. Moreover, with valuation, a big consideration in low cap crypto gems increasingly provide exciting investment opportunities. 

Low-cap gem cryptos provide excellent investment opportunities. They stand out partly because they start undervalued, but their prices explode as their underlying projects gain traction. Below are some low-cap crypto projects well positioned to generate significant long-term value.


Tamadoge (TAMA)

It is arguably one of the best low-cap crypto gems when the focus is on the play-to-earn gaming ecosystem. The native token powers the Tamadoge ecosystem, which leverages blockchain technology to offer in-game crypto opportunities. 

In the Tamadoge ecosystem, gamers participate in breeding and taking care of NFT pets. Part of the game involves buying treats, food, and even toys for the pets to play with. Gamers with the healthiest pets that grow, and battle others rise to the leaderboard for rewards. 

Tamadoge is the ERC-20 deflationary token that powers the Tamaverse project. The token has already undergone a successful pre-sale with $15 million raised, with less than 15% of $1 billion tokens sold. The limited supply of 2 billion tokens makes the Tamadoge token stand out. 

Being an ERC token, there are plans to list Tamadoge in centralized exchanges and the popular decentralized exchange Uniswap.


DeFi Coin (DEFC)

If there is an area that investors are increasingly paying attention to, it is decentralized finance. The race to decentralize all operations in the crypto space has also given rise to unique investment opportunities.  

DEFC, the native coin powering the decentralized exchange DeFi Swap, is one such coin gaining traction in the industry.

DeFi Coin boasts tremendous potential amid the ongoing race to shift from centralized to decentralized exchanges. The native token offers ways for people to earn through token swapping, staking, and yield farming.

DEFC stands out as one of the best low-cap crypto gems partly because of an innovative taxation system. The system levies a 10% tax every time a person buys or sells a DEFC coin. Then, half of the amount is distributed to token holders as a dividend payment.

Ledger Nano S Plus

0X (ZRX)

0X or ZRX is another exciting decentralized finance project worth paying attention to as a long-term investment. It stands out as one of the best low-cap crypto gems offering software that allows users to create custom markets for different crypto assets. 

Consequently, 0X users can tokenize assets and trade them on the Ethereum blockchain. Its competitive edge stems from rewarding users who post orders and enable token trading on the platform. ZRX is the native token that also doubles up as a governance coin, offering holders an opportunity to stake and contribute to the growth of the underlying platform. 

0X has already raised $70 million in a funding round led by investors like Pantera Capital, Jump Crypto, and OpenSea. The strong institutional investor base affirms the project’s credibility and long-term prospects.



Cryptocurrencies growing popularity has everything to do with their ability to enable super-fast and low costs transactions. IOTA is a low-cap crypto gem project for anyone seeking exposure on a platform that allows cost-free frictionless transactions between humans and machines. 

MIOTA is the native token that powers the IOTA ecosystem designed as the Internet of Things. Crypto has opened up possibilities for smart cities, digital entities, and supply chain management. 

IOTA does not operate on the blockchain. However, it uses a distributed ledger that allows the network to process transactions faster than traditional blockchains. Its ability to enable quick and low-cost transactions affirm its long-term prospects expected to drive MIOTA value higher.


Lucky Block (LBLOCK)

Lucky Block is turning out to be a safe bet in the space. It stands out by offering market-leading online prizes and a competition platform. In addition, the platform leverages blockchain technology to enable credibility and transparency in the gaming space.

Lucky Block offers a weekly NFT draw that allows people to earn up to $50,000. In addition, gamers earn money for participating in various games in the ecosystem. The native token LBLOCK accords users access to the network’s offerings, including all the games. 

Lucky Block has also launched the V2 coin, an ERC-20 token that allows more accessible listing on centralized exchanges. The project has also unveiled a 1% monthly burn rate designed to reduce LBLOCK supply levels to boost its value.


Audius (AUDIO)

Audius is a unique blockchain-powered project that seeks to revolutionize the music-sharing and streaming service industry. As artists turn to decentralized platforms to gain complete control of their works and revenues, Audius is one project well positioned to transform the $25 billion industry. 

Decentralized platforms such as Audius offer musicians a new way of making money and distributing their content without relying on centralized systems. AUDIO is the native token that powers the Audius ecosystem that seeks to grant higher streaming revenues to artists. 

Audius also offers content listeners a unique way of earning some passive income by staking the native AUDIO token. With more than 4.5 million active monthly users, Audius is a platform for the future with tremendous potential.


ApeCoin (APE)

Amid talk of Non-fungible tokens transforming how people own, store and transfer real-world objects, now may be the time to pay close watch to ApeCoin. It is one of the best low-cap crypto gems for anyone eyeing exposure in the non-fungible token space. 

APE is the native token that powers the vast NFT ecosystem doubling up as the governance coin of the ApeCoin DAO. Despite being low-cap crypto, ApeCoin continues to elicit strong interest from solid brands such as Gucci. It also boasts a big following from celebrities, including Eminem and Snoop Dogg. Gucci is the latest brand to confirm support for ApeCoin payments in its retail outlets.


Compound (COMP)

Compound sums up the top eight low-cap crypto gems to buy on operating one of the best lending protocols on decentralized finance. The platform allows people to access ready funds and pay interest on loans. 

The platform has already sent shockwaves in the decentralized finance market, resulting in Robinhood adding the native token to its marketplace. Moreover, the low-cap digital coin is expected to gain more traction among investors amid the switch from centralized systems in the financial sector to decentralized systems.


Bottom Line

Low-cap cryptocurrencies are not only cheap but provide ideal investment opportunities on the risk-reward front. Most of the gems come backed by highly prospective underlying projects that continue to elicit strong demand and traction in the mainstream sector. While most appear undervalued, they are well positioned to explode in value soon and generate significant rewards.


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