» Fascinating Tesla Products That You Must Own

Fascinating Tesla Products That You Must Own

By Sardar Talha
— August 8, 2022


Elon Musk’s futuristic vision led to the creation of Tesla which gave birth to the best electric vehicles (EVs) of all time. Everything from the Roadster to the latest Plaid model, Tesla produced innovative, cutting-edge cars that dominated the automotive market. However, Tesla isn’t only stopping at cars, they’re offering a plethora of other fascinating Tesla products that are equally good and are catching people’s attention.  

The automotive giant under the vision of Elon Musk is offering interesting products on the market and if you’re an enthusiast, getting your hands on these is a must. In today’s roundup, we’ll be covering some of the finest products that Tesla has to offer. Whether you’re a car geek or not, we assure you that you’ll find these tools the most effective.

Solar Panels

To mainstream green energy, Tesla introduced their own solar panels and they’re one of the cheapest options on the market. By combining effective performance with the ability to store solar power as a backup, Tesla’s solar panels are revolutionizing the trend of green energy around the globe.  

Offering a wattage of 400W with a performance warranty of 25 years, Tesla’s solar panels are soaring in success, and their efficient performance is convincing people to switch from the regular over-priced grids to solar-powered energy.  

Moreover, due to the circumstances around the world and inflation, electricity is getting expensive with each passing day. To save up on a few bucks and contribute to the green energy campaign, Tesla’s solar panels would be a wise investment.

Cyber Quad

Looking for a portable battery-powered truck for your kids? Tesla’s Cyber Quad is all you need. A minibike version of the Cybertruck, Tesla’s Cyber Quad is designed for kids who have a knack for driving sophisticated vehicles. Designed with a steel frame and comes equipped with a lithium-ion battery, Cyber Quad can cover up to 15 miles on a single charge.  

Cyber Quad has quite an aggressive look with sophisticated aesthetics which makes it appealing to all groups of ages. However, the bike is designed for kids aged between 8 to 12 since the chassis and the specifications of the bike do not cater to adults.

Enthusiasts can take this bad boy home for a whopping $1900. Those who aren’t willing to break their bank over a kid’s electric scooter can always get their hands on the knock-off version for 1/10th the price with almost similar perks.

Tire Repair Kit

Tesla’s premium tire repair kit is becoming a necessity since it offers a 2-in-1 feature which includes a tire inflator along with a tire repair sealant kit for patching up punctures. For car owners, it is vital to have an emergency kit in the car which can be used in the case of emergencies. If someone is after one of the best tire repair kits on the market, Tesla comes highly recommended.

The air compressor or the time inflator provided in the kit by Tesla features premium quality and its high-performing compressor can inflate a flat tire in a matter of seconds. Using a 12v cigarette lighter plug, users can use the tire inflator to maintain the air level within the tires.

Moreover, unlike most Tesla products on the market, Tesla’s tire repair kit is priced quite reasonably, and users can get their hands on this one for only $70. In times of emergencies like flat tires, these repair kits can come in quite handy, and to ensure a safe trip, it’s better to be prepared for any undesired circumstances on the road with such emergency accessories.

Desktop Supercharger

Want to take your workstation to the next level, Tesla’s Desktop supercharger with the ability to quickly fuel your devices is the ideal product. A mini-version of a Tesla supercharger designed for quickly charging Tesla EVs, the desktop supercharger offers similar services but, for USB-powered devices only.  

For charging your mobile phones and power banks, Tesla’s Desktop supercharger is an ideal choice. Not only does it efficiently and quickly charge the devices, but it also looks phenomenal and offers a great touch to the workstation. For increasing productivity, having a supercharger on the go is sure to contribute to the cause.  

The going price for these desktop superchargers is around $45 which seems to be quite reasonable. However, in case you cannot get your hands on these for some reason, there’s a perfect replica of a desktop supercharger on the offerings which can also be considered.

Wheel Locks

Wheel theft is something that’s getting quite common in many countries and since wheels are quite expensive, it’s the most appropriate choice to purchase customized wheel locks for the safety of your wheels. Tesla’s wheel locks, specially designed for Tesla vehicles, can be considered for your tire safety since they’re a reliable option.

One pack of wheel locks comes with 4 pieces of lug nuts, and they will need to be replaced with one of the pre-installed lug nuts on each of the tires. Keep in mind that a special tool is required to take these off and if someone tries to use a universal lug wrench, they won’t be able to do it unless they have the specialized tool.  

The current going price for Tesla’s wheel locks is around $50 without shipping. However, cheaper alternatives such as McGard Wheel locks, which are considerably cheaper, can also be an option to serve the same purpose.


Tesla has launched innovative products, and these are highly in demand by enthusiasts. Down the line, Tesla is expected to launch a new lineup of products that would contribute to the consumer market but for now, these fascinating Tesla products are causing a massive hype in the market. If you’re truly an enthusiast who’d like to invest in innovative products that helps with productivity, you must consider getting your hands on these products.


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