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Best App Store Optimization Tools

By Nagi An
— July 22, 2022


App Store Optimization (ASO) is the process of increasing your app’s rankings and visibility in the app stores. It also contributes to higher conversion rates through targeted marketing activities based on data-driven insights. In other words, you can use ASO to boost your app’s downloads.

The first step in launching a successful ASO campaign is determining which tool is right for you. This can be daunting, especially if you’re unsure which features would best suit your business needs. That’s why in this article we’ll walk you through some of the most popular ASO tools and what makes each tool unique so that you can make an informed decision concerning your app store optimization.


Best App Store Optimization Tools


#1 App Radar

Successful App Store Optimization involves using the right keywords to attract high-quality users. App Radar assists you in understanding which factors influence your keyword rankings and conversion rates, both in App Store and Google Play.

  • App Radar’s database contains 25 million keywords that can be used to track your app store rankings. Thanks to this massive database, the ASO tool is capable of identifying which keywords your app is ranking for and comparing them to the competitors’ keywords. In this way, you can ensure that your keywords are promoting long-term growth.

  • Aside from determining the right keywords, App Radar allows you to add and manage app localizations.

  • It’s also possible to leverage app reviews and get feature ideas directly from users and increase productivity using reply templates.

  • This ASO tool also has the Search Ads Intelligence feature that helps analyze Apple Search ads performance. These ads are an effective way to acquire new users; thanks to App Radar you can have the relevant data to optimize them.

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#2 Storemaven

Storemaven excels at funnel analytics in particular. You can optimize your activities for each of your install funnels by segmenting your organic and paid audiences.

  • Storemaven allows you to plan individual app product pages for improved conversion rates. You can create product page design briefs using a data-driven approach.

  • Why do your users install your app? Knowing your customer is more important than ever. Storemaven’s custom product page A/B tests will help you evaluate different page conversion ideas and make better decisions in real-time.

  • It’s also possible to automatically publish your product pages instead of doing it manually.

  • How does each product page influence the install funnels? It’s an important aspect to consider in order to grow your user base. Storemaven gives you the tools to monitor and analyze your install funnels.

  • It also has a comprehensive App Data Management feature that provides the App Store data to optimize your organic and paid growth strategies.


#3 Sensor Tower

Sensor Tower is an all-in-one digital analytics platform. Its App Intelligence product measures the effectiveness of organic user acquisition campaigns.

  • You can examine the performance of competitors’ keywords and spot new opportunities to boost your campaigns.

  • A unique feature of Sensor Tower is the ability to dive into mobile codes and identify the technologies that generate the most app downloads. Thanks to this, you can learn about the performances of SDKs (Software Development Kit) and which are those that dominate certain app categories and identify the subtle SDS differences in subcategories that drive significant benefits.

  • It’s possible to gain data insights about SDK influence on daily active users and app growth percentages, as well as common factors of different apps that result in more downloads in specific countries.
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#4 Splitmetrics

Splitmetrics is especially useful for optimizing Apple Search Ads campaigns by using AI algorithms.

  • Using this ASO tool, you can gain control over your data. Because it’s possible to view each keyword transparently with a user-friendly integration, as well as examine SDKs (Software Development Kit), and use custom data from your internal business intelligence.

  • There’s also a comprehensive insight reporting feature that enables the creation of funnels with micro-conversions. It’s possible to integrate custom formulas, metrics, and visuals to customize the reports.

  • You can improve your bidding strategy with AI algorithms, identify opportunities for incremental scaling, and measure your campaign’s impacts on organic rankings.

  • There’s also the bulk management feature with quick filtering and optimizing options, as well as expanding your app to new storefronts and modifying bids all at once.


#5 Mobile Action

Mobile Action is a comprehensive keyword optimization tool for paid channels.

  • It helps you to discover the ranking and rating data of your app in various markets. As a result, you can use this tool, particularly to make the necessary decisions in real-time for localization.

  • Thanks to the extensive keyword dataset, you can track any keyword and learn about your ranking performance.

  • It’s possible to test different titles, subtitles, and short descriptions for your app.

  • You can also find out which keywords are missing in your competitor’s keyword strategy and use them to boost your rankings. Furthermore, you can discover similar keywords for Apple auto-fill and Google play suggestions.

  • Mobile Action also lets you explore up-to-date trending searches and quickly add the newly discovered keywords to your tracking list.



To sum up, here are the primary benefits of ASO tools:

  • They provide relevant metrics to optimize your app listing.
  • Not only can you track your own keywords but also those of your competitors.
  • Keyword optimization assists you in spotting relevant keyword opportunities to increase downloads and conversions.
  • Tailor App store ad campaigns to different download funnels.
  • Learn from user reviews by automating the process.

In this article, we’ve looked at some of the best App Store Optimization tools with these benefits. We hope that it has provided you with a good overview of what is available and helped you decide which tool would best suit your business.


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