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How To Get Views on OpenSea

By Zeeshan Yaseen
— May 27, 2022


The revolution the NFT industry has brought to this world is speechless. These digital assets let artists change their lives by selling these NFTs for thousands of dollars.

The craze of NFTs is handled by OpenSea, the largest marketplace where millions of people sell, buy, and mint NFTs (non-fungible tokens). Due to its popularity, OpenSea is getting flooded with traffic every day and increasing competition among people to let their NFTs sell. To combat this competition, you need to get more views on your NFTs because what is visible, sells.

If you are struggling to make people buy your NFTs and want to thrive in your NFT business, then you need to market your NFTs and get views. We have brought the easiest yet most efficient ways on how to get views on OpenSeawhich can help you increase traffic to your NFTs and make them sell hand to hand.

How To Get Noticed On OpenSea

Follow these useful tips to get noticed after creating your mints. These methods will help you get the attention of other artists as well so they may collaborate with you in future.

1.   Insert An Event In  

To make your NFTs visible, you need to target the audience of potential buyers. The NFT calendar is the place where you can find potential buyers by getting a large number of views in seconds. All you need to do is plan an event in the NFT calendar after creating a mint.

Moreover, there are also other popular directories that hold NFT interested audience. So, it’s better to drop your event in these directories before releasing your new NFTs and excite the buyers. Additionally, it’s better to start promoting your NFTs at least two weeks before their release date.

2.   Advertise NFT’s On Social Media

There are also multiple NFT groups on social media such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. You can join these groups and exhibit your NFTs there. In addition, you can add appealing descriptions to these NFTs to engage the audience. Once they are convinced, you may direct them to your website for mint registration or eventually to OpenSea to buy your NFTs once listed.

3.   Get Verification on OpenSea from Recognized Artists

If you are struggling with marketing your NFT on, then the most practical strategy is to get verified from a renowned artist on OpenSea. Getting acknowledgment from these recognized artists casts a positive image of you. The buyers are not interested in NFTs only but also in their creators.

Moreover, these artists can also help you to promote your NFTs by posting them on their social platforms. You can join these artists on Twitter or other social media platforms as well to initiate the relationship with them.

Furthermore, you also need to attain a blue checkmark that proves your legitimacy and attracts views. The method for achieving this checkmark is not clear, but it’s evident that you need to include all the details in your profile, be active on the account, and get more views from recognized artists and sellers in order to get a blue checkmark.

Verification on OpenSea from Recognized Artists

4.   Use Newsletters and Podcasts

Using newsletters is another efficient way to increase your views on NFTs. The cheapest way for newsletters is to automate emails through easy to use tools such as HubSpot. You can ask for help from authors and editors. If they find your NFTs valuable and interesting, they may also promote your NFTs and help you to get more views.

You can only make this method successful if your newsletters are sent to the right and interested audience. Individuals looking for some great NFTs definitely pay attention to these newsletters.

Moreover, you can also advertise your NFT release through paid promotions on online magazines and TV Programs.

Similarly, you can also make your project public by advertising them on podcasts. Though it’s not an efficient way yet, it can help you gain some views for your NFTs.

5.   Promote NFT’s On Reddit, Quora or BitCoin Talk

Platforms like Reddit, Quora, or BitcoinTalk can be really helpful if used vigilantly. You can have millions of potential audiences here. All you need to do is get involved in the discussion of NFT-related topics and start giving story-like catchy answers while dropping your OpenSea link there as well. Moreover, you can also start the discussion by asking relevant questions. Another vigilant strategy is to give answers to your questions from different accounts. Once your questions get ranked, more people will click on your OpenSea link embedded in your answers.

6.   Create Your Own Online Groups

Another strategy to answer how to market your NFT on OpenSea is to create your own online community through creating social media groups. You may add your OpenSea interested friends and relatives in these groups and grow this community.  

Once you are about to release your NFT, you can run promotions within these groups and get instant views on your OpenSea account.

7.   Look In Tweets

Twitter also contains NFT buyers. You can find potential buyers asking for NFTs by using hashtags. You can attach your NFT links or a pictures of your NFTs to promote them. 

Is Every View Counted on OpenSea?

You should proceed cautiously while counting views since OpenSea does not count all views to a particular page. Views will only be counted as a view if the user is logged in to their OpenSea account, which is already linked to their cryptocurrency wallet.

The reason is mainly to avoid fraudsters. Therefore, in order to obtain views, you must target those who are truly interested in NFTs.

Final Thoughts

To make your NFTs sell you need to increase your views on OpenSea. If you have minted NFT’s, then your work is not completed yet. Adopting different advertising methodologies to market your NFTs is the key to making them sell instantly at the time of their release.

You need to be active on social media and spread your NFT links. Moreover, you may promote your newly released NFT on various platforms and attract an audience by adding engaging stories with these NFTs.


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