» Best Tools to Track New NFT Projects

Best Tools to Track New NFT Projects

By Nagi An
— May 15, 2022


The number of NFTs entering the blockchain space every single day can overwhelm investors. It’s challenging to keep track of so many incoming projects and discover the ones you should invest in.

To this end, there’re some NFT tracking and analyzing tools you can leverage to identify new projects and make informed decisions before investing in an NFT project. In this article, we like to recommend you seven such tools.


#1 Nansen

Nansen is a paid analytics tool, but you can create a free account first to explore the dashboards. The features specific to NFTs are NFT God Mode, NFT Paradise, NFT Indexes, Rarity Profiler, and NFT Item Profiler.

On Nansen’s Home, you have a preview of the Hot NFTs. These are the top 10 most traded NFT collections on Ethereum in the last 24 hours.

Best Tools to Track New NFT Projects

You can add a collection to your watchlist by right-clicking on it. It’s possible to access the NFT God Mode in the opening tab, which includes additional information for the chosen collection. You can also create alerts for it in the same area of the dashboard of Nansen.

Best Tools to Track New NFT Projects

This information related to top NFT collections can serve as the starting point of your research. You can then delve into other NFT data for deeper analytics. You can find the related tools on the left-hand side of the Dashboard -> NFT -> Expand all.

Best Tools to Track New NFT Projects

For example, you can see what smart money buys in the last 15 minutes. Mint Master feature, on the other hand, focuses on the mints in the previous 15 minutes. This gives you an idea if an NFT collection is hot at that moment. Another tool, the blue-chip index, is a summary of the top 20 NFTs. 

#2 Icy.Tools

Another NFT tracking tool at your disposal is Icy.Tools. You can view trending collections in real-time. In addition, it lets you explore any NFT collection’s live floor prices, average prices, trading volume, and transaction history. It’s possible to examine NFT assets based on rarities and attributes. 

Another exciting feature is wallet analysis. Thanks to this tool, you can explore any wallet’s entire portfolio and transaction history, including mint, buy, and sell. 

Custom Alerts feature allows you to set alerts for prices, new mints, projects, and wallets you follow on Telegram and Discord. Moreover, you can create your own feeds thanks to the Curated Feeds tool. 


#3 NFT OnChained

NFT OnChained leverages Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology to recommend its users lucrative NFT opportunities. There are four primary features: NFT Screener, Stats, Price Charts, and Portfolio Tracker. 

Screener currently tracks 134 collections listed on the OpenSea marketplace and delivers the most underpriced NFTs in real-time. The AI and machine learning technologies achieve this by calculating the current fair price of an NFT and calculating that value with the list price.

The Stats tab summarizes the most relevant sales data for NFT trading, including floor price, trading volumes, and market cap. NFT OnChained also has a unique metric which is called Fear and Greed. It indicates the percentage of NFTs listed at a loss for that particular collection. 

Best Tools to Track New NFT Projects

Another custom metric is the Opportunity Index which shows the percentage of assets listed below the calculated fair price. You can create a watchlist in the Stats tab, as well.

NFT OnChained provides the Price Charts for a more detailed analysis of trends. These charts show daily average and median prices in ETH and USD, in addition to volume and number of sales.

Portfolio Tracker gives you the tools to track your portfolio of NFTs. It provides the current value estimate of your holdings. You can add all your wallets to your portfolio.


#4 DappRadar

One of the most reliable resources in the blockchain world is DappRadar. It provides not only data for NFTs but also for the whole range of decentralized apps, including DeFi (Decentralized Finance), games, and crypto exchanges.

NFT analytics include an overview of the top NFT collections, sales per marketplace, and fractional NFTs sales. You can filter the results based on sales, volumes, or blockchains. In addition, you can view the results in the last 15/30 min, 1 hour, 7 days, 30 days, or all time.

DappRadar Tool for Tracking New NFT Projects

#5 NFT Drops Calendar

There’ll be times you want to mint NFTs on their initial release date instead of buying from the secondary market. NFT Drops Calendar is a tool designed specifically for following the currently minting and upcoming NFT drops. You can view the collections based on different blockchain networks.

NFT Calendar

It’s also possible to sort the results based on mint date, price, number of collection’s Twitter followers, and number of Discord members.


#6 Upcoming NFT

To keep track of new NFT drops, we also recommend UpcomingNFT.net. It works in a similar vein as an NFT Calendar. This source accepts whitelist applications for some of the collections listed on the site. You can also apply to list your own NFT collection.

#7 BitDegree

Like Nansen and DappRadar, BitDegree is another comprehensive blockchain data analytics tool that is not limited to NFTs.

For NFTs specifically, you can explore top NFT collections, marketplaces, and volumes. Included blockchains are Ethereum, WAX, and EOS. The data collection spans over 58 NFT marketplaces. You can build your portfolio and track the performance of your NFT holdings.


In this article, we presented seven NFT tracking tools which are highly popular among crypto enthusiasts. They’ll support you in better analyzing your portfolio, be knowledgeable about the hot NFT collections, and never miss out on any valuable upcoming NFT drop.


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