» Mars 4 – A Blockchain Metaverse with Revenue Generating NFTs

Mars 4 – A Blockchain Metaverse with Revenue Generating NFTs

By Nagi An
— May 5, 2022


Mars 4 – A Blockchain Metaverse

Blockchain metaverse projects combine virtual worlds with NFTs and play to earn gaming concepts. Thanks to this confluence, they provide engaging entertainment for gamers and also offer attractive investment opportunities through their virtual land sales. There’s a growing demand for metaverse lands and related cryptocurrencies: in December 2021, their sales recorded an impressive $106 million. In addition, venture capital firms invested over $2.5 billion into blockchain games and infrastructure in Q1/2022 alone.

A hot ticket among these games is Mars4 which allows NFT enthusiasts to own lands on a virtual Mars planet. For this ambitious purpose, the development team of Mars4 created a detailed 3D map of Mars based on the data provided by NASA.

Mars 4 – A Blockchain Metaverse with Revenue Generating NFTs

About Mars 4 Land Plots

There are 99,888 land plots in total. They’re offered as NFTs, and you can purchase one for yourself by following this link

Mars 4 – A Blockchain Metaverse with Revenue Generating NFTs

Caption: The price of a land NFT increases in every epoch. Grab yours before it’s too late.

The project team offers the Mars4 lands in a series of epochs. When one epoch ends, another starts, but with a price increase. There’re only 2,819 Lands available until the next price increase. So, it’s wise to invest in this game before the next epoch starts.


Rarities of Mars4 Land NFTs

As a rule of thumb in the NFT industry, Mars4 lands have different rarities. This means that some lands are scarcer than others; that’s why they’re more valuable. In the case of Mars4, the rarities are as follows:

  • 8 Epic plots
  • 34 Super Rare plots
  • 57 Rare plots
  • 789 Unique plots
  • And the rest are Common plots.

The development team launched an app where you can explore individual lands. By choosing the rarity, you can view all land NFTs having that rarity and familiarize yourself with the virtual Mars lands offered by the project. For instance, the 8 epic plots look like this:

Mars 4 – A Blockchain Metaverse with Revenue Generating NFTs

Caption: You should aim for the rarest Mars4 land NFT within your budget.

Benefits of owning Mars4 Land Plots

These land NFTs are good investments because you own them. It means you can sell them for profit in the future if you wish to do so. (Remember the increasing demand for the metaverse lands that we mentioned in the introduction.)

However, you don’t have to do this because they also offer passive income opportunities. The team will share the total revenue from the NFT sales and other future marketplace transactions with the landowners. In addition, you can rent your lands for another passive income stream. 

Owning a land also brings entertainment benefits. You can cultivate a civilization on your land, change its name as you like, and personalize it with in-game assets that’ll be released in the future. 

Moreover, landowners will have voting rights for future governance proposals. 

Mars 4 – A Blockchain Metaverse with Revenue Generating NFTs

Caption: Owning a Mars4 land NFT comes with passive income opportunities.

Why invest in Mars 4 Land NFTs?

The Mars4 metaverse is a rising star among blockchain games. Although the project is still in its infancy, it has over 80K Twitter followers,  38K Discord, and 37K Telegram members

The management made several strategic partnerships with leading investors and blockchain initiatives, including but not limited to Vendetta Capital, x21, Stake Capital, Illuvium, LucidBlue Ventures, AngelOne, and Ascensive Assets. 

The well-known play-to-earn game Illuvium’s co-founder and the head of strategic partnerships are the project’s advisors.  

The team includes 25+ members with a strong background in crypto start-ups, venture capital firms, IT project development, and indie game development, particularly in the sci-fi genre. 

Mars 4 – A Blockchain Metaverse with Revenue Generating NFTs

Caption: The Mars4 is developed by a team of 25+ members with blockchain and gaming industry experience.


Like every play-to-earn NFT game, Mars4 issued its own token; it’s called the same as the game itself: MARS4 token. It’ll be the primary utility token to purchase in-game assets and also pay for transactions. At the moment, you can acquire it via decentralized cryptocurrency exchanges, like SushiSwap, and also via centralized exchanges like Kucoin. You can stake it on SushiSwap to earn interests. 

The total supply of MARS4 tokens is 4 billion. The team allocated 25% of it to private investment rounds, 30% to liquidity and yield farming, 20% to team members and advisors, 19% to the treasury, 5% to public investment rounds, and 1% to cryptocurrency launchpads. 


Future Perspectives: Development of the Game

The game isn’t ready yet; however, you can have a flavor of the game by glimpsing into the trailer here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m2jILZWexig 

The vision is to create a play-to-earn survival game that rewards its players with lucrative incentives. The gameplay will require gamers to survive under severe weather conditions of the red planet by traveling across land plots and growing colonies. 

It will happen in 4 stages:

  • Martian Dashboard: The team strives to release the browser version first, which will basically allow NFT owners to manage their assets. You’ll be able to view your NFT assets, land balance, and also make purchases from the integrated NFT marketplace. 
  • Simulated Mars: Then, the single-player PC version will launch. This will be the first playable version where the community’s feedback will lead to the future development of game mechanics. 
  • Cooperative Colonization: This is the multi-player PC version that will consider the feedback of those who played the Simulated Mars version. The development team will add progression systems, player skills, and also chat and trading features. 
  • Touchdown, Red Planet: In this final stage before the official game launch, the features of traveling through lands, colony building, resource gathering, and crafting game items will be available. 

The ultimate aim of the project team is to release a high-quality AAA blockchain metaverse game coupled with attractive play-to-earn rewards. 


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